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At Harper Psychological, PLC this is the specialty of the practice. Fields of practice in forensic psychology include: sexual offender evaluations, parenting assessments and education as well as victim and family of victim assessments and counseling.



Victim Assessment and Victim & Family Services

When someone is a victim of a crime they become the primary victim.  However, crime victimization affects many others as well, family members, friends, etc.  These individuals are considered secondary victims. Individuals who have been victimized (primary or secondary victims) may benefit from an assessment that determines if counseling may assist them in being able to move forward from their trauma.  If counseling is recommended there are several empathetic and compassionate treatment approaches available that can assist those individuals in their road to recovery.

Additionally, there are occasions in which the court may recommend a victim assessment be completed in order to assist the court with a better understanding of the offense that occurred and the impact that it had on the victim. 

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