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General Practice
Specialize in working with individuals suffering from anxiety, mood and personality disorders.
Family & Individuals
12 years of working successfully with individuals and families in crisis.
Forensic Psychology
Victims of crime as well as families of victims of crime for any needed assessments, treatment, support, guidance.
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General Psychology

Many individuals struggle with mental health concerns.  Feelings of sadness, fear, anxiety, depression are common reasons for individuals to seek guidance from a professional.  At Harper Psychological Services, PLC if you are suffering from these concerns you will receive a professional assessment of symptoms and a comprehensive, individualized treatment plan to learn how to manage any of these symptoms in order to live a more healthy, productive life.

    • Mood & Anxiety Disorder
    • Personality Disorder
    • Previously Treated
    • Adults (Men & Women)
    • Juveniles

Harper Psychological, PLC specializes primarily in the treatment of adults as well as some older juveniles that may be suffering from mental health concerns or needing professional forensic services.

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Forensic Psychology

The second would be men and women (as well as some older juveniles) that are wrapped up in the criminal justice system for a sexual offense and someone.
I also want to see victims of crime as well as families of victims of crime for any needed assessments, treatment, support, guidance. I also want to see parents and children (the only time I really will see kids) for child custody evaluations.

I also see parents and children for parental assessments and parenting education.

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Children & Parent Assessments And Education

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    • Child Custody Evaluation
    • Parenting Assessments
    • Parenting Education
    • Family Consulting
    • Juvenile & Teen Consulting

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Sexual Offender & Victim Assessments

Harper Psychological Services, PLC is committed to assisting when there becomes a legal need for professional psychological services.

  • Sexual Offender Assessments
  • Victim Support
  • Victim Assessments

Dedicated to assisting when there becomes a legal need.

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About Harper Psychological Services, PLC

Harper Psychological Services, PLC is owned and primarily operated by Sara Czubak, M.A., L.L.P., a limited licensed psychological specializing in assessing and treating anxiety, mood and personality disorders.  In addition, Sara has several years working in the forensic psychology field and holds a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology.

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